5 Workout Habits you Should drop RIGHT NOW!!!!!

New Year is approaching… Means our NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS are in making. About 80% of people have fitness goals in the top 3 of the resolution list. Gyms will be full of fitness enthusiast as they are ready to get in shape for the coming year.

But all this excitement goes in drain within a year. The only reason is ‘Not quick Results.’ The motivation to go to the gym regularly decreases. But, How can we avoid this pattern? How can we utilize our time in the gym for achieving maximum Results?

Simply by Dropping 5 Workout Habits.

  1. Ditch your Routine workout: Don’t let your body get used to a workout routine. YES, when you started working out, the routine was challenging but not anymore. Once your body gets used to the routine it is no more a challenge, infect you are training your body in its comfort zone which is not gonna show you much benefit. The trick is to ‘TRICK your body’. Change the workouts regularly could be the type of an exercise, intensity or resistance. Play around with the workouts.
  2. Ditch the machines: We all use machines in the gym like treadmill, elliptical, cycling etc as a warm-up routine. We spend a good amount of time (approx 20 min) on these machines. YES! these machines will help you to burn calories and warm up your muscles, but there are more effective ways to use your 20 minutes. The smarter way to warm up is, start with your planned workout for the day with low intensity and gradually increase the intensity and resistance of the same. The advantage of doing so is 1) Multiply calorie burn in the same amount of time, 2) the body gets ready for your workout and 3) chances of injury is low.
  3. Ditch those sports drinks: Sports drinks surely give you that extra off of energy and nutrition’s but at the same time too much of sugar which your body does not require while you are working out. Drink sufficient water to hydrate yourself and eat healthy to receive the required nutrients before and after the workout.
  4. Going Alone: People like to go to the gym alone as they don’t want to get disturbed. They wish to clear their mind, listen to music and feel the burn. But when accompanied by at least 1 partner will motivate you and push you in the challenging zone which will show better and faster results. You don’t have to necessarily communicate with your gym buddy but just compete for motivation and push yourself.
  5. Only cardio and no strengthening: The major mistake everyone does when it comes to burning calories is only cardio could it be running, jogging, cycling, elliptical etc. But fails to do strengthening either with weights, theraband or even body weight. Crossfit is the best way to get your heart up faster and allows you to burn more calorie and at the same time strengthens and tone your body.

Understand and implement the above points and utilize your time effectively when in Gym. Stay FIT.

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