6 Easy Ways to Manage Text NECK Pain.

Neck pain is a growing problem with the infiltration of technological advances, resulting in increased incidents of neck pain and injuries and wreaking havoc to people’s quality of life.

‘Text Neck’ and neck pain are becoming more prevalent due to technology, however many neck injuries can be avoided or managed with proactive interventions. Text Neck is basically a repetitive strain to the neck due to excessive usage of smartphones causing pain. To know If you have Text Neck read our blog “Do You Have a TEXT NECK?” (endorush website link to Do you have a TEXT NECK?)

What can you do to prevent or reverse the effects of text neck?

  1. Level the playing field: Hold your phone at eye level or look down with your eyes and not your head. This will help reduce the angle of forward head posture, thus reducing the stress on your neck.
  2. Stretch: Stretch our neck and shoulder muscles regularly. Check “Exercises to prevent TEXT NECK” (endorush website link)
  3. Practice good posture: Many of us fail when it comes to good posture. Slouching is an easy habit to get into and a hard one to break. Try these tips for improving your posture:
    • Pretend that someone is above you pulling a string from the top of your head. This should help you to keep your head up and shoulders back.
    • If you work at a desk, you can also place a rolled up towel behind your lower back to help guide your body to better posture naturally.
  4. Stop texting . . . so much: On average, men and women under 30 send a minimum of 3,000 texts per month. While quitting texting isn’t reasonable, but you can textless. Try designating “no phone” periods of the day. As an added benefit, the people you are with will appreciate your undivided attention.
  5. Take Regular Breaks – Try to avoid looking at your phone or handheld device for a long consecutive block of time. Look up from time to time to give your neck a break. Recommended time is every 15–20 minutes.
  6. Actively Strengthen The Posterior Neck Muscles – It’s always important to seek individualized exercise advice with regards to neck strengthening due to the intricate nature of the neck anatomy. Consult a Physiotherapist for customized exercise program. Posterior neck muscles are less often activated during activities of daily living so taking some time out to counteract the effects of handheld devices is vital. Check “Exercises to prevent TEXT NECK” (endorush website link)

Remember: Awareness of neck position, high risk situations and appropriate strengthening/stretching exercises can prevent many neck issues.

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Dr. Mansi Parikh,

Co-Founder EndoRush App.

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