BEST Exercises for Herniated Disc – Back Pain


Disc-related problems are painful. Exercise has proven to be beneficial for people with mild to moderate disc-related problems. (Those with advanced-stage disc issues will likely find exercise too painful and may even require surgery.) The right kind of exercise promotes mobility and increases flexibility and can also help strengthen your core—all of the muscles that attach to and help stabilize the spine and the pelvis.

But what is “the right kind of exercise”? People with back problems are often encouraged to exercise, though they usually aren’t given much direction on exactly what to do—or what not to do. Exercising incorrectly can actually make a pre-existing condition worse. If you have a herniated (slipped) disc or a bulging disc, or a moderate amount of lower back pain, keep reading to find out what types of exercises to perform.

  1. Back Extension Position: You can avoid the Ball and perform it on the floor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2. Back extension                                                                                                    3. Core Set                                                                                                               4. Bridge                                                                                                                

    5. Piriformis Stretch                                                                                            

     5. Hamstring Stretch                                                                                             

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    Dr. Mansi Parikh,

    Co-Founder EndoRush App