How can I learn to perform a particular exercise in any WORKOUT?
  1. GO to Dashboard and click on ER workouts or your Physio workout.
  2. Click on the workout name you are looking for, this will open a page with a list of all exercises.
  3. Find and click on the exercise you want to learn.
  4. There will be a GIF showing the exercise, detailed description under it and also click on the VIDEO icon to check the video of an exercise, click on wrong from to understand on how not to do the exercise. 
How can I send a message to my physio?
  1. Go to Dashboard and click on the MAIL icon. (top right corner of the dashboard screen)
  2. Click on COMPOSE and enter the subject and message you want to send.
  3. Click on SEND.
How can I set reminders for my workouts?
  1. Go to Dashboard, scroll down and click on the CLOCK icon.
  2. Set the time on the clock and Click OK.
  3. Click on the ‘notification button’ to activate it. (The button will turn GREEN)
  4. Once green you will be sent a workout reminder every day.
How can I share Health Feeds with my friends and colleagues?
  1. Go to Dashboard and click on READ.
  2. Look for the feed you want to share and click on SHARE icon. (right bottom of the feed)
  3. Select the mode of sharing (WhatsApp, email, facebook, etc) and click Share.
How do I know if I am connected to a Physio?
  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on “Ask your physios to connect to you”.
  3. After loading, you will see the name and the number of your physio.
  4. If not, request your physio to connect with you again.
How to perform EndoRush workouts?
  1. GO to Dashboard and click on ER Workout.
  2. Search for the workout you are looking for.
  3. Click on “I” icon and go through the instructions.
  4. Click on START to perform the exercises with HD videos and clear audio.
How to receive workout from your Physiotherapists?
  1. Request your physio to add you as a client and send a workout.
  2. Go to Dashboard, click on PHYSIO WORKOUT  and you will be able to find the workout sent by your physio.
  3. Click on the exercise Name to access the list of the exercises.
  4. Click on start to perform the Workout assigned by your Physio.
Whom to get in touch in case of any queries?

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Why can’t I see any workouts from my physios?

There are various reasons:

  1. Make sure you are connected to your physio and your physio has sent you the workout
  2. GO to Dashboard, Click on PHYSIO WORKOUT  and click on “REFRESH” icon (the tiny circular arrow on your left-hand side)
  3. Check for your internet connection and network availability. 
  4. Request your physio to resend the workout; after checking all the above parameters. 
Why should I fill the feedback form after my Physio workout?

After successful completion of every workout, a feedback screen asking for your pain, mood, and compliance will be visible. It is important to fill that accurately as your physio will be able to track your progress remotely in the form of a graph. Let your physio know your feedback for better prognosis.