Doctor or Physio – Who should I see for pain?


There is a tremendous advancement seen in the field of science where we are trying to find a treatment solution and vaccines for AIDs and cancer, but on the other hand, we are still confused with whom to approach when we suffer from a common back or a neck pain.

The most common question I get is “Which doctor should I approach for my pain?”

80% of people with musculoskeletal pain could it be back pain, neck pain or rolled ankles could be a 6-year-old or an 80-year-old goes directly to an Orthopedic doctor after self-treating themselves for a month with pain-killers. Shocker Right???? Not really, we all have done that. And every Orthopedic doctor has recommended to undergo an X-ray and referred us to a Physiotherapist with a prescription.

Did you know, you could have saved your 1 month of time and thousands of rupees by just going to a right professional in the first place?

Time plays a very important role when it comes to healing. The earlier you address the problem correctly the faster is the healing.

But who is the right professional when it comes to pain? Here is the answer to that question.

A physiotherapist is primary doctors to be approached when it comes to musculoskeletal/injury pain at any age. They are highly qualified to diagnose your condition and treat them with a non-invasive and conservative manner. But at the same time, they can refer you to a specialist when you fall in their red flag list. Red flag list indicates that your condition is not in their scope of practice and you may need a specialist.

90% of your pain is musculoskeletal pain which when addressed at right time by a right professional can be eliminated forever.

What can a Physiotherapist do?

  1. Thoroughly examine you by asking you a various question and assessing your pain.
  2. Diagnose your pain and refer to a specialist if needed.
  3. Provide treatment with all the non-invasive tools
  4. Educate you and your family with the present status/injury.
  5. Help you to get back to your hobbies and sports.
  6. Provide information to prevent further injuries and assisting you with pain
  7. Help you to fulfill your goals and prevent surgeries.

So, the next time your shoulder pain wakes you up in the middle of the night, your knee pain sidelines you from your training session or your back pain prevents you from picking up your grandchild – save your doctor visit and call your physiotherapist. He will help you to get moving again!

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