Herniated Disc and Back Pain – 6 Things to Avoid

A Herniated Disc aka Slipped Disc can be very painful and debilitating. However in most cases, it should get better on its own, within 6-8 weeks and there are certain things you can do and avoid doing to aid and speed up recovery.

1) Avoiding Prolong Sitting Position:

For the initial few weeks during recovery phase, prefer standing or lying down position as it will reduce strain on your back due to poor sitting posture and will help you with pain

2) Avoid Flexion Biased Exercise

Avoid positions and exercises which includes bending at the back level for the initial stage of recovery. Resume those activities once your pain level as gone down and you have decent strengthen in your core and back muscles. You can perform extension biased exercises which will help you to relieve pain.

3) Avoid Sitting on the Soft Furniture.

Avoid sitting on soft chairs, sofas, cushions etc. It compromises the spine to undergo into flexion position which will aggravate pain. Instead sit on the firm chair with erect posture and use the lumbar roll to support your lower back. You can place the lumbar roll at the waist level between your back and back rest.

4) Avoid Bending and twisting at the same time

This is the most dangerous position. Majorly seen when you are shoveling, performing yoga, lifting and placing heavy objects. Learn the right way to do which is by bending your knees.

5) Avoid Sleeping on your side.

Sleeping on the side in curl-up position puts excess pressure on your back as your back is not supported. Instead sleep on your back with pillows underneath your knees.

6) Avoid any position for longer duration of time Keep moving.

All these tips will allow you heal faster. Consult a Physiotherapy for further guidance.

Dr. Mansi Parikh

CO-Founder EndoRush app