Is Your Patient at any Risk of Fall?

Falls occur more often with advancing age. Every year, approximately 30% to 40% people aged 65 years and older who live in community fall. Roughly half of the falls results in injury of which 10% are serious and injury rates increase with age.

Falls are a major threat to older adult’s quality of life, often causing a decline in self-care ability and participation in physical and social activities. Fear of falling, which develops in 20%-40% of people who fall, can lead to further limiting activity, independent to injury.

Reduce Falls:

In order to reduce the risk of falls and fear of fall in older population, The American Geriatric Society and British Geriatrics Society have published a clinical guideline on Fall risk Screen, assessment and management.

Initial Fall Risk Screening:

Physiotherapists are mandated to perform Initial Fall Risk Screening on all their older patients.

The GOAL of the complete fall risk assessment is to prevent or reduce falls through individualized, targeted interventions that address the patient’s risks and deficiencies as identified in the assessment. The complete assessment should be conducted on any individual 65 years or older who had an abnormal test result during fall risk screening.




When you visit any older adults ask these three questions before you start any assessment:

1) Have you fallen 2 or more times in past 12 months?

2) Are you here today because of fall?

3) Do you have any problems with walking or balancing?

Always make sure your clients as Risk-FREE for Falls.

Dr. Mansi Parikh,

Co-Founder EndoRush App