The next big thing for any Physiotherapy rehab setup – TRX® suspension trainer.

TRX® – suspension trainer is a small, simple yet efficient tool for any physiotherapy rehab setup and can be used in any injury rehab/prehab to increase muscle strength/tone/endurance/flexibility/ neuromuscular activity, improve athletic performance and cardiovascular training.

What is TRX?

TRX® is an extremely versatile tool to that can be set up, used anywhere with great ease and moderate cost. TRX® suspension was originally invented by Randy Hetrick, a former navy seal of USA for full body training using minimal equipment. TRX® suspension training tool has straps which can be hung overhead to a non-slippery surface which can take the body weight of the user either indoor/outdoor; alternatively, it can be anchored to an overhead fixed anchor point and it uses body weight and gravity as resistance while performing the exercises. TRX® suspension tool which uses body weight (assisted and resisted) suspension training exercises to develop strength, stability, and flexibility.

Why is TRX® an efficient tool in any physiotherapy Rehab setup?

Even though it is primarily developed for performance training and enhancement; it is also a great boon for any rehabilitation setup as patient/client can perform hundreds of exercises in a suspended position using body weight without having to rely on machines/dumbbells. With the right approach and innovative thinking, Physiotherapists can alter the planes and angles of the suspension training to aid clients/patients in their rehab, strength training and conditioning programs to achieve better results by compromising a very little area in their rehab setup.

How much space does a TRX® suspension trainer require?

The space required to set up a TRX® suspension trainer would ideally be 9 ft high and 6-7 ft wide with approximately 3 ft off the floor/ground. The moderate cost (160 to 200 $) of a TRX® suspension therapy will outweigh the benefits it will provide and will prove to be cheaper when compared to setting up other fitness equipment’s.

In what conditions can TRX® suspension trainer be used?

Being movement therapists, physiotherapists can use TRX® suspension trainer to easily alter the load applied on the joints/muscles while doing the exercises to enable patients/clients recover from any injury. TRX® suspension trainer helps in improving:

  1. Muscle strength.
  2. Muscle tone.
  3. Muscle Endurance.
  4. Muscle flexibility.
  5. Neuromuscular activity.
  6. Cardiac endurance.
  7. Athletic performance.

TRX® suspension trainer can be used in the rehab process of several musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Here are few videos of Physiotherapists who are using TRX® suspension in their rehab set up and are helping patients get better.

  1. TRX in spinal cord injury rehab:


2. Knee Rehab for the elderly:


3. Suspension squats for Knee Pain:


4. Sports rehab using TRX:



TRX® suspension trainer is one of the best tools that are available in the market for any rehab setup. The main reasons why any rehab setup should consider incorporation TRX® suspension trainer is it is portable, durable, moderate cost, allows load changes in training by just varying the angles and uses gravity, body weight as resistance allowing the patient/client to perform hundreds of exercises.


Dr. Sanjay Poojari (PT),


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