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Capture and Record Exericses. Give instructions in any preferred language and prescribe Home Exercise Programs seamlessly.

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Access, Create, Customize, Edit, Save and Assign Home Exercise Program with EASE.

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Your Clients will perform the prescribed Workouts using a Virtual window like never before.

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Access, Analyze REAL TIME DATA to enhance care provided to your Clients.

About US

EndoRush app is a platform created for Physiotherapists and their Clients by Physiotherapists to build a Physiotherapy Client Relationship outside the clinical practice. EndoRush app allows Physiotherapists to prescribe Home Exercise Programs digitally; monitor and track their clients progress. EndoRush app allows normal users (Clients) to receive customised Physiotherapy Exercises from their Physiotherapists. It provides users a compelling Exercise Doing Experience with clear Visual and Auditory cues. Log in as a Physiotherapist; if you are a qualified Physiotherapist. Log in as a Client, if you want to receive Home Exercise Prescription from your Physiotherapist.
We aspire to create an app with the HUMAN TOUCH.
  • Our Vision:

    To provide an uninterrupted and convenient support system to every Professional to enhance care quality and professional-client relationship.


    To empower all the professionals of Exercise Therapy Community to extend quality care beyond their setup.

  • OUR Features

    Are aimed to increase client footfall, solve problems associated with Exercise Prescription, goal setting, problem solving, feedback all leading to improved Client Therapist Relationship. We are always looking forward for feedback and further development.


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/ 1 month
  • Unlimited client leads
  • Unlimited Home Exercise Prescriptions
  • Free cloud storage - 1 GB/Month


Number of Months


/ 3 Months
  • Unlimited Client Leads
  • Unlimited Home Exercise Prescriptions
  • Free Cloud Storage - 5 GB/Month


Number of Months


  • Unlimited Client Leads
  • Unlimited Home Exercise Prescriptions
  • Free Cloud Storage - 10 GB /Month

Special Offers /



  • Hospitals / Corporate Clinics
  • Research / NGOs etc
  • For more details contact us at info@endorushapp.com

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